Crowd Funding Application

This is the project application for Carolina Creates Crowd Funding.  If you are an officially recognized, UNC student organization seeking funds up to $2,500 for a specific initiative, you are eligible for Carolina Creates Crowd Funding.  Please fill out this form and your project will be reviewed by the Carolina Creates Online Board of Directors. This board evaluates and selects crowd funding applicants based on a demonstrated need for funding, diversity, breadth of impact on the Carolina community, creativity, an awareness of other funding opportunities, and a compelling marketing strategy.   This application is due 5:00 PM September 30, 2012.  You will be notified of our selection decisions by October 30, 2012.  If your project is not selected, we encourage you to apply again for the next cycle of Carolina Creates Crowd Funding projects. We also encourage all groups to consider funding from the Y Fund and Student Enrichment Fund. Please email any questions, concerns, or comments to

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(Note: Maximum Amount $2,500)
(Must be five months from the date of submission of this application)
(Be as specific as possible.)
(Please include specific uses and a timeline)
(What sort of marketing and publicity materials would you use to attract Carolina Creates donors to give to your initiative?)

Terms and Conditions of Funding