A Drink For Tomorrow

Bring clean water to Las Cocas, Peru

  • Total needed: $2500
  • Deadline: October 25, 2013
  • some money and some days to go

A Drink For Tomorrow is a student-run organization affiliated with the Gillings School of Public Health dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the global water crisis. Access to clean water is a fundamental human right and the first step in ensuring a level of health that allows for the economic and social advances necessary to elevate oneself from poverty.

This summer, ADFT will partner with local non-profits and community members to improve the water capture and distribution system that provides potable water to over 800 individuals in Las Cocas, Peru. Our goal is to improve public health and promote individual well-being in Las Cocas, with an end vision of alleviating poverty and promoting social justice. We will operate under a participatory development approach and all funds raised will go directly towards the purchase of pipeline and construction materials.

We are excited to work with Carolina Creates to achieve our fundraising goals. Your donation contributes not only to ADFT's efforts to bring clean water to Las Cocas, but to UNC's efforts to unite the University around the common theme of water, through the pan-campus theme—Water in Our World. Thank you for your consideration!